How to read Lao

If you have a problem about your computer can’t read Lao language on our web site. you can follow this method

If you want to read Lao language only

1. Download Lao font Click here to download for windows and Click here to download for MAC

2. Copy Font you just download

3. Windows:==>Go to Control Panel ==> Appearance and Themes ==> Fonts

4. Paste Font in there

5. Restart your web browser and go to my web site again.

6. MAC OS Go to ==> Finder >> Users name>> Library >> Fonts

7. Paste Font in there and restart or log out from your Mac

If you want to program for read and type Lao language

1. Windows==>download program laoscript for your computer Click here to download.

2. after that open file for install to your computer

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